May 19, 2024

166 explosions during the day – Russian troops opened fire on 11 communities of Sumy Oblast

166 explosions during the day – Russian troops opened fire on 11 communities of the Sumy region On May 13, Russian troops shelled 11 settlements in the Sumy region, resulting in 166 explosions from various types of weapons, including mortars, artillery, rockets and drones.”, — write on:

During May 13, the Russian army shelled the territory of Sumy Oblast 36 times. 166 explosions were recorded. Khotinsk, Yunakivsk, Bilopolsk, Krasnopilsk, Velikopysarivsk, Putivlsk, Esmansk, Shalyginsk, Druzhbivsk, Seredino-Budsk, and Znob-Novgorodsk communities came under fire. This was reported in Sumy OVA, reports UNN.


On Bilopolska the Russian army fired mortars at the community (27 explosions), and there was also shelling from barrel artillery (15 explosions).

On the territory Putivlska community was attacked by an “FPV” type drone (1 explosion) and struck by a “Lancet” drone (1 explosion).

From the rocket system of salvo fire, the troops of the Russian Federation hit the territory Druzhbivska communities (17 explosions), fired from mortars (3 explosions) and barrel artillery (14 explosions).

On the territory Velikopysarivska communities dropped explosive devices from drones (8 explosions) and there was mortar shelling (8 explosions).

8 mines were dropped by Russian troops on the territory Krasnopilska community Artillery shelling (2 explosions) was also recorded.

IN Znob-Novgorodskaya the community was shelled by mortars (13 explosions) and shelled by barrel artillery (8 explosions).

The territory was shelled with mortars Yunakivskaya community (7 explosions) and Esmansk community (4 explosions).

Tank fire (6 explosions) and mortar fire (3 explosions) was recorded in the Khotyn community.

On Sredino-Budska Russian soldiers hit the community with a rocket launcher (7 explosions).

Drones of the “FPV” type carried out an attack on Shalyginska community (3 explosions). Shelling from barrel artillery (11 explosions) was also recorded.

We are recording hostile activity against Sumy Oblast and Chernihiv Oblast – ZelenskyiMay 13, 2024, 17:14 • 18788 views

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