June 14, 2024

The Russian army failed to implement its “Kharkiv operation” – Zelensky

At the same time, Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that the Kharkiv direction will be further strengthened.”, — write: www.radiosvoboda.org

The Russian army failed to implement its “Kharkiv operation”, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

“I talked with the Central Committee today – about the situation in general. A very important result is that the Russian army failed to implement their Kharkiv operation. We are now restraining them as much as possible and destroying the Russian units that enter our land and terrorize the Kharkiv region,” he said in his video message.

Zelenskyi said that the Kharkiv direction has been strengthened and will be further strengthened.

He also announced work on providing more reserves to the Ukrainian army.

“I thank France and Emmanuel personally for his initiative and support of our proposals to train our soldiers and provide brigades. Together, we are preparing a new system basis for training units of the Ukrainian army,” he added.

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In its material published on June 8, Bloomberg writes that Russia’s attempt to open a new front in northeastern Ukraine in the Kharkiv region already seems to have failed without achieving Putin’s goal of creating a buffer zone along the border.

On the morning of May 10, Russian forces began offensive operations in the Kharkiv region along the Ukrainian-Russian border. They managed to capture several villages, and now the fighting for Vovchansk continues. The Ukrainian military reports that as of June 8, “most of” Vovchansk is under the control of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

On May 17, the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Oleksandr Syrskyi, said that the Russian military had expanded the active combat zone by almost 70 kilometers, trying to force Ukraine to use an additional number of brigades from the reserve.

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