May 19, 2024
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Passenger traffic at the border has increased over the weekend, more are leaving than entering – border guards

Passenger flow at the border increased over the weekend, more people leave than enter – border guards Passenger flow at the western border of Ukraine reached 168,000 people over the weekend, and more people left Ukraine than entered.”, — write on:



Passenger traffic on Ukraine’s western border reached 168,000 over the weekend, with more people leaving Ukraine than entering.

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Passenger traffic at the border has increased over the weekend, more are leaving than entering - border guards

Russia is spreading misinformation that Ukrainian forces have blocked the evacuation of civilians from Vovchansk, when in fact about 6,000 civilians have already been evacuated from the area.

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Almost 6,000 civilians were evacuated: the Central Security Service refuted the Russian fake about blocking the evacuation from Vovchansk

Ukrainian soldiers from the 60th and 63rd brigades destroyed 10 units of the occupiers’ equipment on the move.

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The ground forces showed how the Defense Forces destroyed 10 units of enemy equipment

Russian troops carried out massive shelling of the border town of Snovsk, Chernihiv region, as a result of which three civilians were wounded, residential buildings, cars and civil infrastructure objects were damaged.

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Snovsk in Chernihiv Oblast fell under a massive enemy attack with cluster munitions, 3 people were injured - police

The Prime Minister of Romania, Marcel Čolak, said that the country’s Defense Minister Angel Tilvar has serious reservations about the transfer of the Patriot air defense system to Ukraine, despite the statement of the Bucharest leader about the possibility of providing Kyiv with one of its complexes.

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Romania's defense minister hesitates over the idea of ​​transferring the Patriot system to Ukraine

As of March 31, 2024, the state and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine amounted to UAH 5,924.3 billion, of which 71.6% was external and 28.4% was internal, while the weighted average value decreased by 1.4 times, and the average term repayment increased 1.6 times from 2022.

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State and state-guaranteed debt has become 1.4 times cheaper since 2022

Andrii Sybiga discussed with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of New Zealand the strengthening of the country’s assistance to Ukraine and preparations for the upcoming Global Peace Summit.

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Sybiga discussed with the Deputy Head of the Foreign Ministry of New Zealand the strengthening of support for Ukraine and the Peace Summit

A wild Przewalski horse, an endangered species, was killed by a Russian landmine explosion in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, as documented by Ukrainian border guards.

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A Red Book horse died from a Russian mine in the Chernobyl zone

Russian agents disguised 15 explosive devices as food in Kyiv and 4 in Lviv, which were seized by Ukrainian law enforcement before they could carry out a series of planned terrorist attacks.

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Agents of the Russian special service disguised 15 explosive devices as products in Kyiv and 4 in Lviv: details of the disruption of a series of terrorist attacks

From now on, the official chatbot of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine allows you to track records for taking theoretical and practical exams, registering cars, exchanging driver’s licenses and obtaining international driver’s licenses.

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TalonBot from the Ministry of Internal Affairs expands its functions: what's new

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