May 19, 2024
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In Bukovyna, a law enforcement officer was exposed, who helped evaders to go abroad

In Bukovyna, a law enforcement officer was exposed for helping the evaders to leave Ukraine. Now the man faces up to 9 years behind bars with confiscation of property.”, — write on:



The law enforcement officer was detained for the fact that, using his official position, he illegally helped conscripted men to illegally leave Ukraine. Now the man faces up to 9 years behind bars with confiscation of property.

Crime and crime • 7 minutes ago • 932 views

In Bukovyna, a law enforcement officer was exposed, who helped evaders to go abroad

Serbian Prime Minister Milos Vucevic expressed support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but did not undertake any obligations regarding sanctions against Russia.

War • 9 minutes ago • 1712 views

Serbia has confirmed its support for Ukraine, but refrains from sanctions

The Embassy of Ukraine in South Korea strongly condemned the Putinist conductor Volodymyr Spivakov and his wife Hélène Mercier of the Louis Vuitton empire for a concert in Seoul, accusing them of supporting Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and spreading Kremlin narratives through culture and music.

Policy • 11 minutes ago • 1421 views

He supported the annexation of Crimea!  The Embassy of Ukraine in Korea reacted harshly to the joint concert of Putin's friend and the wife of the owner of Louis Vuitton

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Kuleba met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Djuric in Belgrade to discuss the development of bilateral cooperation, as well as the integration of the two countries into the EU.

Policy • 15 minutes ago • 2294 views

Kuleba met with the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia: they discussed ways of developing bilateral cooperation

North Korea has built a city for scientists and military personnel involved in its nuclear program, where residents are not allowed to leave without special permission.

News of the World • 17 minutes ago • 2060 views

Kim Jong-un built a city for the

The Volgograd oil refinery of Russian oil giant Lukoil was partially shut down after a drone attack on Sunday, the media reported.

War • 23 minutes ago • 3785 views

Volgograd Oil Refinery

Some civilians who left Kharkiv region due to mandatory evacuation are trying to temporarily return to plant gardens, despite the continuous offensive of Russian troops in this region.

Society • 26 minutes ago • 4146 views

In Kharkiv Oblast, part of the evacuees are trying to return to plant gardens - the head of the Kupyan RVA

Russian troops carried out 11 attacks in the Kharkiv direction, partially succeeding in the Lukyants region, but Ukrainian troops stopped their advance and are counterattacking.

War • 28 minutes ago • 4561 views

General Staff: the enemy launched 11 attacks in the Kharkiv direction, the Defense Forces stopped the advance of the Russians

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel will publish a memoir on November 26, in which she will talk about the events of her life from 1954 to 2021, but will not pay attention to the events related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

News of the World • 34 minutes ago • 3976 views

Angela Merkel will publish her memoirs in November, the book will have a title

On the night of May 14, in the western, northern and Vinnytsia regions of Ukraine, frosts of 0-5°С are expected on the surface of the soil, and on May 14-16, an extreme level of fire danger will prevail in most regions.

Society • 41 minutes ago • 4843 views

Frosts are coming to Ukraine: which regions should prepare

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