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14 foods and drinks of Marilyn Monroe: what the iconic blonde of Hollywood liked to eat

Monroe is now called the main sex symbol of the 20th century, despite the high-calorie food she sometimes allowed herself.”, — write:

Monroe is now called the main sex symbol of the 20th century, despite the high-calorie food she sometimes allowed herself.

Marilyn Monroe often followed diets, but she adored ice cream Marilyn Monroe often followed diets, but she adored ice cream sundaes / UNIAN collage, photo wikipedia.orgMarilyn Monroe is part of the cult era of Hollywood cinema, which is now called the main sex symbol and blonde of the 20th century.

Once, in one of the media interviews, Monroe said that some people from her environment called her eating habits “absolutely strange.” For example, she liked to break eggs into heated milk and eat it for breakfast, calling it a nutritious meal for a “working girl”. Meanwhile, Tastingtable notes that Monroe’s culinary preferences have been as eclectic as her roles on the big screen. Based on the memories of Monroe’s acquaintances and her personal revelations about food, the media gathered 14 foods and drinks that she liked during her life. Including:

1. Ice cream sundae. This is a popular American dessert that Monroe liked to enjoy after acting classes at an ice cream parlor located in Beverly Hills. As the famous blonde said, she eats enough protein during the day, so she can sometimes afford such weaknesses.

2. Eggs in milk. We have already mentioned this habit: Monroe ate a specific smoothie almost every morning, breaking two eggs into a cup of warmed milk.

3. A piece of red meat. There is a lot of evidence that Monroe liked to eat one steak for lunch, choosing vegetables – 4 or 5 carrots – as a side dish.

4. A mystery dish. It may surprise some, but sometimes Monroe spent a lot of time cooking. In one of her notebooks, a recipe for a minced meat dish was found, which contained 18 ingredients. It is known that beef, eggs, chicken or turkey liver were listed there, in addition, there was a record of a recipe for sourdough bread. At present, it is still not clear how to cook this mystery, and what stages of preparation Monroe’s recipe contained. The media note that this dish can definitely be called complex, but philosophically they say: “There’s no point in fixing something that can’t be broken.”

5. Lamb chops. Although steaks were often on Monroe’s home menu, she also supplemented her diet with other meat dishes. Usually, the star bought lamb at the market near his hotel.

6. Warm flakes. Another milk dish that Monroe sometimes ate for breakfast.

7. Rice pudding – one of Monroe’s favorite desserts. The mass media note that the sex symbol of Hollywood knew how to cook it.

8. Champagne Dom Pérignon or Piper-Heidsiek. As Monroe said, she sometimes drank a glass of her favorite alcohol as soon as she woke up in the morning. The media also note that she once took a champagne bath, using 350 bottles for this. In honor of her passion, there is even a famous cocktail based on champagne.

9. Gogol-mogul. It is already obvious that Monroe liked to drink eggs. So, if her breakfast could start with “protein in milk”, then at night the star could also drink eggs with sugar.

10. Burgundian beef. Another heavy dish mentioned in Monroe’s notebook. This is when pan-fried beef is stewed with vegetables in red wine.

11. Chile. Monroe is said to have loved eating this dish at Barney’s Beanery in Los Angeles, and surprisingly, the restaurant is still open and has her favorite item on the menu.

12. Rum and Coke. Another alcoholic weakness of Monroe. The star liked to drink this cocktail at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where she sometimes stayed during filming.

13. Bone broth. This dish is known for its nutritional value, and Monroe, as mentioned in various interviews with the star, preferred nutritious diets.

14. Chocolate souffle. Unfortunately, the establishment where Monroe enjoyed the dessert no longer exists. It is known that the star regularly ordered it at Romanoff’s restaurant in Beverly Hills. At this time, the media is not sure if she liked the chocolate souffle in general, or just the Romanoff’s chefs’ rendition.

Mark Twain’s rattle cocktailMeanwhile, the famous American writer Mark Twain, known for novels about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, liked to slurp something solid in his spare time. He could drink his whiskey cocktail three times a day, believing that it improved digestion – see the recipe here.

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